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ABI / INFORM Global Database

This video will go over searching in ProQuest’s ABI/INFORM Global database.

Academic Info - Subject Guides

This site provides links to subject guides in a large number of subject areas, including ancient Egypt, criminal justice, and biology.

AU Journal Title List Tutorial

This demonstrates a fast way to find full text journal articles through AU Library when all you have is a citation, (i.e. author, article title, journal title, year, volume, etc.).

AU Library Catalogue (AUCAT) Tutorial

The AUCAT tutorial teaches you how to navigate and search the library catalogue, and can be valuable in helping you find electronic and print items in the library collection.

AU Library Guide to the Research Process

This tutorial walks you through the steps involved in the research process.

AU Library Orientation Video Series

This series of closed-captioned tutorials provides a comprehensive introduction to AU Library's resources and services, and to the academic research process.

AU Library Tour

This is an animated orientation tour of the AU Library Website.

AU Library's Glossary of Library Terms and Phrases

This glossary will help you with the terminology that librarians use.

Canadian Parliamentary Publications: A Research Guide

This guide, produced by the University of Toronto Libraries, is designed to assist in locating parliamentary publications that are widely available to the public, and provides links to relevant websites.

Canadian Periodicals Index Quarterly (CPI.Q) Tutorial: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

This tutorial demonstrates how to carry out searches in the Canadian Periodicals Index Quarterly database, including basic, advanced, subject guide, and publication searching.

Discover Research Guide

This tutorial teaches you about AU Library's default search tool. Walks you through what Discover is, beginning your search, narrowing, accessing resources, citing and organizing sources, searching for a specific item and includes a video tutorial

Discover Tutorial

This tutorial teaches you how to use Discover, the Library's new search tool.

Evaluating Internet Sources

This video series will demonstrate how to critically evaluate internet resources using the criteria of authority, purpose, relevance, coverage, timeliness, accuracy, and website design.

Faculty of Graduate Studies Digital Literacy Tutorial Repository

This repository contains a set of video- and text-based tutorials on aspects of digital and information literacy that are highly relevant to students at the graduate level.

Finding And Using Statistics

"This publication provides quick tips on locating information on the Statistics Canada website. . . this electronic guide has been created especially for users needing a step-by-step review on how to find, read and use data."

Generating Searchable Keywords, and Using Subject Headings and Subject Terms

This series of tutorials discusses searching library catalogues and journal article databases using keywords, subject headings, and subject terms.

Google Scholar Tutorials

This series of tutorials discusses accessing, searching and advanced searching with Google Scholar as well as some of Google Scholar's limitations.

Health Studies Research Guide

Indigenous Studies Research Guide

This guide is intended to help you learn about Indigenous resources and information sources.

Interlibrary Loans

This video goes over when to place an interlibrary loan request, how to go about requesting an interlibrary loan, and what to expect.

Internet Searching

Tips on searching the Internet for quality information.

Library Terminology Tutorial: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

This tutorial explains the meaning of Library terms such as journal, journal article, database, and peer-reviewed resources.

Latin American Studies Guide

Legal Studies Research Guide

Library Terminology (Video): Part 1 | Part 2

Limiting AUCAT Search Results To E-Books

This short animated tutorial shows you how to limit results to e-books.

Locating Databases by Subject

This brief tutorial shows you how to locate AU Library's databases by subject area.

Logging in To Your AU Library Account  

This brief guide will show you how to log in to your Athabasca University Library patron account.

MA - IS Research Guide

Narrowing Searches by Adding Terms

This tutorial applies Boolean Search principles and shows you how to narrow search results by adding terms to your search strategies.

Nursing and Health Studies Research Guide

Nurse Practitioner Resources

Open Access Resources

This guide provides information about the open access movement, and selected open access resources.

Peer-review Research Guide

In this guide we explain what peer-review is, how to find peer-reviewed articles, how to check if an article is peer-reviewed and how books fit in.

Peer-review Video Tutorial

In this tutorial we answer the question what are scholarly and peer-reviewed articles?

Political Science Research & Writing Guide

Predatory Journals and Predatory Conferences

This is a guide to help identify excellent journals and conferences through which to publish and present your research.  It provides questions to consider when evaluating a conference or journal; and resources for further reading.

ProQuest Access

This video outlines two ways to access ProQuest databases.

ProQuest Thesaurus

A walk through using the ProQuest Thesaurus to improve advanced searching.

Psychology Research Guide

Quebec Tutorial In Research Ethics

Funded by the Quebec government, this tutorial was developed as an ethics training tool for research ethics board (REB) members and support staff who work in the institutions of the Québec health and social services network.

Quick Reference Guide for PsycINFO ON EBSCO

This downloadable helpsheet is designed as a quick reference for using PsycINFO on the EBSCOHost platform.

Searching Books and Media

By the end of the video you should be able to find and use the Books and Media tool to search the library catalogue, narrow your search, complete an advanced search, and access Library materials.

Searching Google Scholar For AU Library Resources

This animated tutorial demonstrates how to set your preferences in Google Scholar so that you can search AU Library resources.

Searching JSTOR

This tutorial demonstrates how to search JSTOR using the basic search screen.

Searching PsycINFO On EBSCOHost

This tutorial teaches you the basics of conducting a search in PsycINFO on the EBSCOHost platform.

Sociology Research Guide

Tips for Searching (Boolean Search Guide)

This guide provides you with valuable tips about constructing search strategies.

Tools To Help Organizations Create, Share And Use Research

This site, created by the Canadian Health Services Research Foundation is designed to assist organizations to create, share and use research in a way that is meaningful and appropriate.

Wikipedia Tutorials

Series of tutorials discusses when and how to use Wikipedia as a tool to help you carry out scholarly research using Library resources, and ways to evaluate Wikipedia articles for accuracy and reliability.

Wikipedia Research Guide

This research guide covers what Wikipedia is, how to use it for academic research, ways to assess article quality, a pdf checklist, slides from our Wikipedia Webinar, and video tutorials.

Women's Studies Research Guide

Citing Tutorials iconCiting & Referencing ?

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AAA - American Anthropological Association

ACS - American Chemical Society

Adding New Citation Styles To RefWorks Accounts

This tutorial demonstrates how to add new or updated citation styles to your RefWorks account.

APA - American Psychological Association - 6th Edition

This is the American Psychological Association's online guide to the 6th edition of the APA Manual.

APA - American Psychological Association - 7th Edition

This is the American Psychological Association's online guide to the 7th edition of the APA Manual.

APA Blog - 7th Edition

This website provides further details on using APA Style, 7th edition, and can help you find answers for your tricky citation questions.

APA Guide to the 7th Edition - What's New in APA Style?

This video, created by the American Psychological Association, provides a clear description of the differences between the 6th and 7th editions of the APA Manual.

APA Manual - 7th Edition Notable Changes

This article from Scribbr details the most notable changes made in the 7th Edition of the APA Manual. 

APA Manual - OWL At Purdue University

This tutorial provides information about citing in APA 6th edition format.

APA Style Tutorial, 6th Edition

This tutorial is a component of the courseware offered by the Centre for Psychology at Athabasca University and can be used as a resource to complete paper assignments in psychology in APA style. Students writing papers in other disciplines that use APA will also find the instructions, examples and exercises in this tutorial helpful.

ASA Style (Formatting in Sociology) - OWL at Purdue University

CSE Style - Name Year

This tutorial from the University of Guelph Library teaches how to use the CSE Name-Year citation style, which is commonly used in Biology courses.

Chicago Manual of Style

The 16th and 17th Editions of the Chicago Manual of Style are available through this site.

Chicago Manual Of Style - OWL At Purdue University

This style guide helps you cite information using the Chicago Manual of Style format.

Chicago-Style Citation Quick Guide

This help sheet demonstrates citation processes for the Chicago Manual of Style.

Citing Music Sources (Turabian 7th edition) - UWO

How to Cite Statistics Canada Products - Statistics Canada

This electronic guide shows how to cite all standard products offered by Statistics Canada.

Kate L. Turabian A Manual for Writers

Mendeley Tutorials

This link provides access to video tutorials related to using the citation management tool Mendeley.

MLA Citation Style - Modern Language Association

MLA Citation Style - OWL at Purdue University

This help sheet from Purdue University helps you to cite materials in MLA format.

RefWorks Tutorials

This link provides access to video tutorials related to using RefWorks.

Scientific Style and Format Citation Quick Guide

Zotero Tutorials

This link provides access to video tutorials related to using the citation management tool Zotero.

Writing Tutorials IconGet Writing Help ?

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Advice On Academic Writing

Access a collection of links and information from University of Toronto for general help with writing as well as with specific types of writing such as annotated bibliographies, book reviews, literature reviews, etc.

Common Writing Assignments

The Online Writing Lab (OWL) at Purdue University has created several guides to the most common academic writing assignments. They include argument, research, or exploratory papers; annotated bibliographies, book reports, and book reviews; academic proposals and essays for exams.

Glossary Of Grammatical Terms

This glossary, created by AU's Write Site, provides definitions for English grammatical terms.

Psychology Centre Writing Resources

Access a collection of links to writing resources, maintained by Professor Lyle Grant from the AU Centre for Psychology. Some resources are specific to psychology, but most are useful for any discipline.

Transitional Devices - AU Write Site

This tutorial, created by AU's Write Site, provides assistance to writers in using transitional devices in writing.

USF Libraries--Writing Guides/Annotated Bibliographies

Use this collection of links from University of South Florida Libraries for help with various types of academic writing and preparing annotated bibliographies.

Write On: Learn To Love Your Term Paper

Written by Julia Nielsen from AU Counselling Services, this online tutorial provides guidance to students writing term papers.

The Write Site

This site is designed to assist students with academic writing assignments. Students can use this service to receive feedback about the writing component - organization, mechanics, grammar, and style - of an assignment before they submit it to a tutor for marking.

Writing A Literature Review

This guide provides detailed information about the steps involved in writing a literature review.

Troubleshooting tutorials iconTroubleshooting/Technical Tutorials ?

A | C | L | T

AU Library Tech Support Guide

This is a collection of help guides to provide technical support for various aspects of the AU Library website and resources.

Creating Persistent Links To Electronic Resources

This tutorial shows users how to find or create persistent links to journal articles and e-books.

Logging Into Library Resources Tutorial

This tutorial shows you how to log into Library resources.

Troubleshooting Security Certificate Errors

This short tutorial demonstrates how to navigate security certificate errors sometimes received when using certain databases.

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