Whether you are designing a new course or revising an existing one, each time you add any material that you did not create, you may need to obtain copyright permission from the copyright holder. All copyright permissions for AU courses are negotiated through the Copyright Office.

  • Complete and submit a Request for Copyright Clearance for each third party item you wish to include in your course.
  • Provide the Copyright Office with a complete clean copy or printing of each item you wish to use.
  • Include the source and complete citation information for each item you submit.
  • Advise the Copyright Office if you plan to adapt the material in any way.

The Request for Copyright Clearance form will be sent electronically to the Copyright Office once you click the submit button and you may attach files to this e-form as well. Hard copies need to be submitted via interoffice mail to the Copyright Office or sent via regular post to:

Copyright Office
Library & Scholarly Resources
1 University Drive
Athabasca AB T9S 3A3

The Copyright Office will perform an audit of all items submitted. This is to determine if the items are already available as electronic resources through the AU Library or if they are available as Internet links that can be inserted into the course. The Copyright Office may make recommendations if suitable Open Access or Public Domain alternatives are available and will perform a fair dealing analysis to determine if formal permission is required.

For further details, contact the Copyright Office at:

Copyright permission is generally required for:

  • Any materials you (or AU contractors) did not create
  • Journal articles
  • Chapters from books
  • Images and photographs
  • Website content
  • Power Point Presentations
  • Unpublished works
  • Student Work Products

Copyright permission is not required for:

  • Your original (or AU contractors) work
  • Linking to AU Library subscribed e-resources
  • Links to external websites
  • Content that has fallen into the Public Domain
  • Crown Copyrighted material
  • Open Educational Resources
  • Short excerpts that may qualify as Fair Dealing

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