Using Other Canadian Libraries

Using Other Canadian Post-Secondary Institution Libraries

AU Library is part of the Canadian University Reciprocal Borrowing Agreement (CURBA) that extends in-person borrowing privileges to AU students, faculty and staff across the country. Reciprocal borrowing privileges and library regulations are determined by each lending library and borrowers are responsible for paying any fines, lost book charges or processing fees incurred. To obtain a COPPUL card, please contact the Library Information Desk.

Graduate Students, Faculty & Staff

E-mail to request a grey COPPUL card.

Undergraduate Students

E-mail to request a yellow COPPUL card.

Information about reciprocal borrowing and participating libraries is available from the following links:

List of Participating Libraries by Institution

List of Participating Libraries by Province

Canadian University Reciprocal Borrowing Agreement (CURBA)

Council of Prairie and Pacific University Libraries (COPPUL)

For further information contact the AU Library Information Desk at or Elaine Fabbro, Acting Director, Library Services at

Using Alberta Libraries: The Alberta Library

The Alberta Library is comprised of libraries across the province of Alberta, and its members include academic, special, government and public libraries. Its goal is to provide Albertans with barrier-free access to the materials and information resources across the province. It represents an evolving interdependence and connection among libraries in delivering service.

Search Alberta Libraries (TAL Online)
Please note: TAL Online will be replaced by Alberta Relais effective March 31, 2022.

TAL Online provides easy access to the holdings of Alberta post-secondary and public libraries.  You can search the holdings of these libraries by using TAL Online.  After you have selected the item that you want, click on "Request Item".  You can then select the Library that you are a member of and ask that Library to obtain the book for you.  Athabasca University Library doesn't do intelibrary loan of books for students.  We can get articles and chapters of books for students.  For complete information about the AU Library's InterLibrary Loan services, please click here.

Search Alberta Relais
Alberta Relais provides easy access to the holdings of Alberta post-secondary and public libraries for Alberta residents.  You can search the holdings of these libraries by using their on-line search.  You need to be a member of a public library and will need to know which library system you are in.  Contact your local library to get more details and help with searching.

Alberta Library Card Program
Many members of the Alberta Library (including Athabasca University Library) participate in the The Alberta Library Card program. The TAL Card allows users of member libraries to borrow books directly from other participating libraries. Users may also return their books to any participating library.

Valid AU students, staff, faculty, and tutors who are residents of the province of Alberta are eligible to apply for a TAL card through Athabasca University Library. Applicants can apply for the card by either filling out an online application form or by printing the printable application form and sending it to the AU library.

When you wish to borrow materials from a participating library, you must present your Alberta Library card, along with acceptable identification. You will be registered as a borrower at that library. A bar-code for that library will be placed on your card.

Alberta Library Card holders will not be charged a fee when borrowing books from participating libraries outside their home library. It is your responsibility to make yourself familiar with the conditions of loan at each of the libraries from which you borrow. Local library lending policies and rules take priority and will apply to all persons using The Alberta Library Card. Restrictions may apply.

More information about the TAL card program can be found on the TAL Website.

Selected Canadian Library Websites

You can find links to selected Canadian websites and catalogues here.