Services for Alumni

AU Alumni have access to a range of services through the Library. This page describes the services that are available.

Database Access

Alumni have access to a selection of online journal databases through AU Library's collection. Some of these databases are susbcribed to by AU Library, while others are freely available and open access. To access subscription databases you must login using your myAU username and password. If you have difficulty, please contact the AU Library Information Desk.

The full list of databases available to alumni can be found here.

Access AU Library's Collection

AU Alumni may also:

  • Search the library catalogue and access publicly available information on the Library's web site, including tutorials and open access resources.
  • Purchase AU Library borrowing privileges for a $20.00 annual fee, entitling members to three borrowing transactions with a limit of two items per transaction, with return postage paid in Canada. The annual fee covers a one-year period from the date that the Library receives the fee. Should the three transactions be used up before the end of the year an additional three borrowing transactions may be obtained by paying another $20.00 fee.
  • Receive photocopying services for materials in the AU collection at the rate of ten cents per page.
  • Use interlibrary loan (ILL) services for journal articles at the rate of $3.50 per journal article, plus any additional charges imposed on AU in acquiring the material.

Please note: Alumni who remain active in an AU course are entitled to full library services as AU students and are not charged borrowing fees.

Questions about services for alumni can be addressed to the Library Information Desk.