Getting Started

Understanding the Assignment


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Think about the nature and requirements of the assignment. This will help you make important decisions about the research process.

What types of sources are you expected to include?
  • Secondary sources: previously published research that is summarized in books or periodical articles.
  • Primary sources: original documents (e.g. government bills) or accounts of firsthand original research conducted by the author of the article or the report.
  • Field research: your original research (e.g. interviews or surveys).
Length of assignment?
  • If you are writing a five-page paper you would in most instances not require as many sources as you would for a fifteen-page paper.
  • Don't let yourself get overwhelmed by trying to include too many sources for a relatively short paper!
  • It is always wise to begin your research as soon as possible.
  • What sources are you able to obtain locally or online?
  • If you need print based materials from AU Library, you will need to allow time for delivery: generally 7-10 days to a Canadian address.
  • As you write your paper you may discover gaps in your research and need time to locate additional information.
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