AU Library Guide to Researching Topics in Women's Studies

Sample subject search in Academic Search Premier:

1. There are a number of ways to search by subject, but the easiest way is to use "Advanced Search".


2. Enter the words body image into the first "find" box and then click on the arrow beside "Default Fields".


3. When you click on this arrow you get a pull down menu. Select "SU Subject".


4. "Default Fields" will change to "SU Subject". Click on "Search".


5. This search retrieved 883 items! We need to narrow the search.


6. In the second "find" box type in adolescent and under "Default fields" change this to "TI Title" so that we are limiting our search to documents that have the word adolescent in the title and that have body image in the subject. Click on "Search".


7. This narrows the search and retrieves 73 items.




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