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Contact a Librarian Dictionary Some Full Text offers translations in many different languages, ranging from colloquial and regional expressions to more technical or field-specific vocabulary. Special features include search filters, synonyms, pronunciation, and sample sentences.

Bank of Canada: Rates and Statistics Some Full Text

Access current and historical statistics from the Bank of Canada, including exchange rates, interest rates, price indexes, and monetary policy indicators. The site includes additional resources such as a currency converter and an inflation calculator. Great Books Online ebookSome Full Text

Bartleby publishes classics of literature, nonfiction, and reference free of charge on the Web.

BASE (Bielefeld Academic Search Engine) Some Full Text Open Access

BASE is one of the world's most voluminous search engines especially for academic open access web resources. BASE is operated by Bielefeld University Library.

Bates' visual guide to physical examination AU staff and students only

Now in its Fifth Edition and featuring completely reshot content and new clinical skills videos, Bates' Visual Guide delivers head-to-toe and systems-based physical examination techniques for the (Advanced) Assessment or Introduction to Clinical Medicine course. The site features more than 8 hours of video content.

BC Historical Newspapers Some Full Text

The BC Historical Newspapers project features digitized versions of historical papers from around the province. The titles, which range from the Abbotsford Post to Westward Ho!, date from 1865 to 1994.

Beazley Archive at the Classical Art Research Centre

The Beazley Archive is a research unit of the Faculty of Classics and is housed at the Ashmolean Museum, University of Oxford. The electronic archive is comprised of digitized photographs of Greek pottery, gem impressions, drawings, bibliographies, and a dictionary of vocabulary relating to Greek history, myth, geography, art and architecture.

Bentham Open Some Full Text Open Access

This is a database of open access journals. The journal articles are freely accessible online and include both the sciences and the humanities

bepress Legal Repository Some Full Text Open Access

bepress is a searchable, browseable repository of law-related working papers from law schools and associations.

Note: Some of the peer-reviewed journals require guest registration for viewing full text.

Bibliografía Mesoamericana

A Joint Project of the Foundation for the Advancement of Mesoamerican Studies and the Museum Library of the University of Pennsylvania, this database provides access to bibliographic information pertaining to Mesoamerica (Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica). Coverage includes archaeology, art history, ethnography, ethnohistory, linguistics, and physical anthropology.

Bibliography of Native North Americans AU staff and students onlyLois Hole Campus Alberta Digital Library

Search for information about books, essays, journal articles, and government documents pertaining to the culture, history, and life of North America's indigenous peoples.

Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes Some Full Text

Access digitized Spanish language texts, and online audio and video recordings.

Biological & Agriculture Index Plus AU staff and students onlySome Full Text

This database provides access to research materials in the areas of biology, botany, environmental science, wildlife management, and agricultural economics. Select full text is available from some journals.

Note: This collection is available through OmniFile Full Text Mega

BioMed Central Some Full Text Open Access

BioMed Central is an independent publishing house committed to providing immediate free access to peer-reviewed biomedical research. Provides access to over 300 open access journals. It is possible to use BioMed to search for journals in PubMed.

BioOne AU staff and students onlySome Full Text

BioOne provides access to full text bioscience research journal articles. The focus of this database is content published by small societies and non-commercial presses.

Note: AU Library does not provide full-text access to subscription content in BioOne. To access subscription-only articles, please contact the AU Library Information Desk for assistance, or carry out a Journal Titles search to see if the article you need is available in another database. To view a complete listing of open access journals available in BioOne, please visit BioOne Open Access Titles.

BioOne Open Access Titles Open Access

BioOne Open Access Titles provides access to 19 full-text, open access bioscience research journals. The focus of this database is content published by small societies and non-commercial presses.

bioRxiv Open Access

A free online archive and distribution service for unpublished preprints journal articles in the life sciences.

Black Drama: 1850 to Present AU staff and students onlySome Full Text

Access over 1200 plays written by more than 200 playwrights from North America, English-speaking Africa, the Caribbean, and other African diaspora countries. The collection includes information about characters, productions, theaters, and production companies as well as selected playbills and production photographs.

Black Studies Center AU staff and students onlySome Full Text

The Black Studies Center provides full text access to scholarly research, historical newspaper articles and other publications on the topic of Black Studies.

Black Thought and Culture AU staff and students onlySome Full Text

Access non-fiction writings by leading African Americans from colonial times to the present. The collection includes well-known works as well as unique and previously unpublished materials.

Blended, Online Learning and Distance Education (BOLDE) Research Bank Some Full Text Open Access

BOLDE contains details of books, articles, conference papers and reports on various aspects of distance and online education, from publishers in Australia and overseas. Material is drawn from the Australian Education Index, produced by Cunningham Library, with additional material sourced from a variety of international organisations and publishers. There are currently 11,847 records in the research bank.

Books 24X7 AU staff and students onlyebookSome Full Text

This e-book collection covers topics ranging from business, to information technology, graphic design and computing and includes more than 19,000 titles.

Books In Print AU staff and students only

Search a comprehensive database of worldwide English-language, in-print and forthcoming titles that includes books, audios and videos. Access Bowker's Author Biography Database and Publisher Authority Database.

Books@Ovid AU staff and students onlyebookSome Full Text

Books@Ovid provides access to 344 e-books on various health related topics. The collection is both browseable and searchable.

Note: Select Books@Ovid from the resources list to search only for e-books.

Bouvier Law Dictionary (1856) Some Full Text

Access John Bouvier’s Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States of America and of the Several States of the American Union, 1856.

Brill Dictionary of Religion AU staff and students onlyebookSome Full Text

This dictionary reflects the transformation that the academic study of religion has undergone within the last twenty years. The dictionary contains a large number of entries and illustrations, sometimes tracing religion in unexpected places. The Brill Dictionary of Religion also contains some historical background to allow for additional understanding of both religious concepts and traditions.

Brill Encyclopedia of China AU staff and students onlyebookSome Full Text

This encyclopedia provides information on China from its early beginnings up to today, with a focus on the modern period from the mid-nineteenth century to the 21st century. A wide variety of topics are covered, including the history, geography, society, economy, politics, science, and culture of China.

Brill Online AU staff and students onlyebookSome Full Text

Brill Online contains several reference e-books which address history, law, and religion.

Brill's New Pauly AU staff and students onlyebookSome Full Text

Brill's New Pauly is the English translation of Der Neue Pauly. This is an encyclopaedia of the ancient world. It is intended as an aid for the study of Greek and Roman culture and its multifaceted presence in all periods of European and, since the Early Modern period, world history.

British and Irish Women's Letters and Diaries AU staff and students onlySome Full Text

Access detailed accounts spanning 1500 to 1900 in the letters and diaries of women who were resident in Ireland or the British Isles for a significant time. The collection includes published letters and diaries and some unpublished documents as well as biographies and an extensive annotated bibliography.

Brockelmann Online AU staff and students onlyebookSome Full Text

Brockelmann Online consists of both original volumes Geschichte der arabischen Litteratur (GAL) by Carl Brockelmann (1868-1956), as well as the three supplement volumes, including the indexes. The full text is searchable, making it much easier to consult for researchers and students. Brockelmann's Geschichte der arabischen Litteratur offers bio-bibliographic information about works written in Arabic and their authors, with an emphasis on the classical period. The multi-volume reference work is divided in chronologically organized sections, which are subdivided by literary genre. Individual entries typically consist of a biographical section and a list of the author's works in manuscript and print, with references to secondary literature.

Business Abstracts with Full Text AU staff and students onlySome Full Text

Access to business magazines and scholarly journals, along with SIC and NAICS codes is provided in this database.

Note: This collection is available through OmniFile Full Text Mega

Business Economics and Theory Collection AU staff and students onlySome Full Text

This database contains articles in the subject areas of business, economics, finance, agricultural economics, sociology and legal studies.

Business Source Alumni AU staff and students onlySome Full Text

This database includes publications in nearly every area of business including marketing, management, MIS, POM, accounting, finance, econometrics, economics and more

Note: If you are a current AU student, staff or faculty member, we recommend that you search Business Source Complete, a more comprehensive database.

Business Source Complete AU staff and students onlyLois Hole Campus Alberta Digital LibrarySome Full Text

Business Source Complete provides full text access to a large number of articles on business related topics. It also provides author profiles and company profiles.

How to: How to search Business Source Complete

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