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Aboriginal People's Survey Community Profiles, 2012 Some Full Text

Access Statistics Canada information on selected aboriginal communities in Canada. Topics include education, language, labour activity, health, communications technology, mobility, and housing.

Annotated Bibliography of Canadian Demography Some Full Text

Maintained by the Population Studies Centre of the University of Western Ontario, this searchable bibliography covers publications in English and French on Canada's population.

Atlas of Canada Some Full Text

This site provides online access to printable maps of the provinces and territories. It also includes maps relating to the environment, history, economy, climate change, health, fresh water, as well as topographic maps.

Bank of Canada: Rates and Statistics Some Full Text

Access current and historical statistics from the Bank of Canada, including exchange rates, interest rates, price indexes, and monetary policy indicators. The site includes additional resources such as a currency converter and an inflation calculator.

Canadian Census Some Full Text

Start here to find information about Canada that was collected in the 2011 Census of Canada. There is a link to earlier Censuses. The link below enables you to search for information about specific communities. There are links to the new National Household Survey and previous versions of the Census.

Canadian Forest Management Database

Natural Resources Canada provides access to a fully interactive database of scientific literature citations and abstracts related to efficacy, environmental acceptability and cost-benefits of techniques used to control competing vegetation, insects and diseases in Canadian forestry.

Canadian Institute for Health Information Open Access

The Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) is an independent, not-for-profit organization that provides data and statistics on Canada’s health systems and the health of Canadians.

If you need assistance retrieving data on the CIHI website, please contact Doug Kariel.

Canadian Institutes of Health Research 2009–2017 Some Full Text Open Access

The Canadian Institutes of Health Research Collection provides access to approximately 3,000 manuscripts that stemmed from research funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) from 2009 to 2017. The manuscripts housed in this collection were originally deposited with the PubMed Central Canada web-based repository of health and life sciences research publications. As PubMed Central Canada was decommissioned in early 2018 this small set of manuscripts has been moved to this platform to ensure ongoing access on a bilingual, Canadian server.

Canadian Opinion Research Archive Some Full Text

The Canadian Opinion Research Archive makes available commercial and independent surveys to the academic, research and journalistic communities. Founded in 1992, CORA contains hundreds of surveys including thousands of discrete items collected by major commercial Canadian firms dating back to the 1970s.

Cancer Surveillance On-Line Some Full Text

Access current cancer statistics in Canada. The database shows trends in cancer incidence by province and territory, by age group, over time, and for different cancer sites. Includes graphs and tables and instructions for downloading the information.

CANSIM II AU staff and students onlySome Full Text

Access Statistics Canada data on social and economic aspects of Canadian life using the Canadian Socio-economic Information and Management Database.

Password info: Vendor does not support password access.

Cardiovascular Disease Surveillance On-line

Access current cardiovascular disease statistics in Canada. The database shows trends for cardiovascular disease mortality and hospital separations by province and territory, by age group, over time. Includes graphs and tables and instructions for downloading the information.

Center for Research Libraries Some Full Text Open Access

The Center for Research Libraries (CRL) is an international consortium of university, college, and independent research libraries. Founded in 1949, CRL supports advanced research and teaching in the humanities, sciences, and social sciences by preserving and making available to scholars a wealth of rare and uncommon primary source materials from all world regions.

CRL's deep and diverse collections are built by specialists and experts at the major U.S. and Canadian research universities, who work together to identify and preserve unique and uncommon documentation and evidence, and to ensure its long-term integrity and accessiblity to reesarchers in the CRL community.

City Population Some Full Text

This site provide population statistics for most countries, states, provinces and cities. It also provides some historical data which identifies population change.

Community Information Database Some Full Text

The Community Information Database (CID) is a free internet-based resource developed to provide communities, researchers, and governments with access to consistent and reliable socio-economic and demographic data and information for all communities across Canada. The CID was developed by the Government of Canada’s Rural Secretariat in collaboration with the provinces and territories, other government departments, and community groups. The CID provides: * Access to over 500 pieces of data about your community or region, including: population, education, income, employment, families, and much more * An interactive map for displaying and accessing data * A tool for you to learn more about rural Canada

To access, click below the writing on the home page.

Conference Board of Canada E-Library AU staff and students onlySome Full Text

The Conference Board of Canada E-Library database provides research on economic trends, organizational performance and public policy issues. These detailed reports are available in full text.

CUDOS AU staff and students only

Use Commonwealth Universities Database Online Service (CUDOS) to locate higher education data from around the world. Information about Association of Commonwealth Universities members includes five searchable areas: institutions, staff, research interests, study areas and scholarship information.

Data Liberation Initiative AU staff and students onlySome Full Text

The DLI provides faculty, staff, and student associated with Canadian academic institutions with affordable access to Statistics Canada databases for teaching and research. If you need access to data that is available through the Data Liberation Intiative, please contact Doug Kariel.

Dryad Open Access

The Dryad Digital Repository is a curated resource that makes the data underlying scientific publications discoverable, freely reusable, and citable. Dryad provides a general-purpose home for a wide diversity of datatypes.

Economist Intelligence Unit AU staff and students onlySome Full Text

Access country analyses, industry trends, and management strategies from EIU. ViewsWire is updated daily and “highlights up to 250 key economic, political and market developments around the world and provides concise analytical briefings on the implications for business.” Country Report is updated monthly and covers “the political scene, economic policy, domestic economy, sectoral trends, and foreign trade and payments” of nearly 200 countries and also provides detailed two-year forecasts. Country Profile puts “an annual perspective on the long-term political and social issues affecting each country, providing a complete introduction to all international markets.”

Euromonitor AU staff and students onlySome Full Text

This database provides market information on countries, industries, companies as well as consumer expenditure information. You may access information either by searching or browsing.  The database is now called Passport.
How to search and use Passport

Europe PubMedCentral ebookSome Full Text

Europe PMC is a repository, providing access to worldwide life sciences articles, books, patents and clinical guidelines. Europe PMC provides links to relevant records in databases such as Uniprot, European Nucleotide Archive (ENA), Protein Data Bank Europe (PDBE) and BioStudies.

FAOSTAT Some Full Text

FAOSTAT provides time-series and cross sectional data relating to food and agriculture for some 200 countries.

Fed in Print Open Access

Access to research published by the US Board of Governors and 12 Federal Reserve Banks.

Global Market Information Database AU staff and students onlySome Full Text

This database provides market information on countries, industries, companies as well as consumer expenditure information. You may access information either by searching or browsing.

Note: To access the content of this database, you must accept the Terms of Use.

Government of Canada Electronic Publications Some Full Text Open Access

Access Government of Canada information available electronically from Statistics Canada, Library of Parliament, Finance Canada, Industry Canada, etc.

Government of Canada Open Data Portal Open Access

The Government of Canada Open Data Portal contains open maps, and open data on demographics, government services, industry, and more.

Government Publication Office (GPO) (U.S.A.) Some Full Text Open Access

Search this database for federal government publications from the U.S.A. from about 50 different collections, including congressional committee reports, hearings, bills, journal of the House of Representatives, codes, and economic indicators.

Health Profile Some Full Text

This profile features health region data from a number of sources including Statistics Canada's health surveys, administrative data, and the census of population. The application is designed to give quick access to the latest health-related data available for a selected health region, providing the corresponding provincial data by default, but users can easily select any region of choice for comparison.

Health Trends Some Full Text

This product presents comparable time-series data for a range of health indicators from a number of sources including the Canadian Community Health Survey, Vital Statistics, and Canadian Cancer Registry. The application is designed to give quick access to recent trends that can be customized by indicator or by geography.

Health: Statistics Canada Some Full Text

This is a portal for Statistics Canada health information. There are links to various surveys, statistical tools, and information about the health of Canadians.

Hoover's Company Profiles AU staff and students onlySome Full Text

Use this database to locate brief information on 40,000 companies. Includes company location, summary financials, top competitors, top officers, etc. Use the title or company field to search company names.

Industry Canada Some Full Text

Performance Plus is an on-line performance benchmarking tool. It provides detailed financial and employment data on more than 600 business sectors across Canada, including more than 30 performance benchmarks to help small businesses determine how they measure up against their competitors. This tool uses the Small Business Profiles (SBP) created from a sample of Revenue Canada tax returns for both incorporated and unincorporated businesses operating in Canada. Performance Plus gives instant access to benchmark financial data that can help small businesses construct a business plan. This tool also helps new and established firms find out where they stand as compared to a relevant industry average. Performance Plus assists small businesses in making the best operational decisions - quickly, simply and effectively

IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, 2004 Some Full Text

Access taxonomic, conservation status, and distribution information on threatened and extinct animal species through the Species Survival Commission of the IUCN - The World Conservation Union. The purpose of the IUCN Red List is to determine relative risk of extinction and to catalogue and highlight those taxa at greatest risk.

LANDRU AU staff and students only

It includes several of the most used Statistics Canada data files including: General Social Survey and the National Population and Health survey, and the 1991 Census.

National Center for Education Statistics Some Full Text

The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) is the primary United States federal entity for collecting and analyzing data related to education.

Nature Scientific Data: Open Data Repositories Open Access

Nature's publishers have created a list of recommended open access data repositories. Collections are focused on STEM fields, as well as the health and social sciences.

OECD Information and Statistics Some Full Text

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development provides a wealth of information on economic, social development, and health conditions around the world. The statistics and reports are quite informative.

Passport AU staff and students onlySome Full Text

This database provides market information on countries, industries, and companies as well as consumer expenditure information. You may access information either by searching or browsing. This database is sometimes called Euromonitor.

How to search Passport

Pew Research Center Some Full Text

The Pew Research Center provides data about many areas of American life, including education, internet usage, domestic policy, and economics.

PLOS Recommended Data Repositories Open Access

PLOS has identified a set of established open data repositories which are recognized and trusted within their respective communities. Repositories listed here are chiefly in the disciplines STEM and social sciences.

PMB - Print Measurement Bureau AU staff and students onlySome Full Text

The AU Library doesn't subscribe to this currently.  One can get some information from the new organization by going to: Vividata.

This database includes information from the PMB survey of Canadians usage of products and services. Demographic data, as well as information about media consumption and attitudes are included

Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses (PRISMA) Open Access

PRISMA is an evidence-based minimum set of items for reporting in systematic reviews and meta-analyses. PRISMA focuses on the reporting of reviews evaluating randomized trials, but can also be used as a basis for reporting systematic reviews of other types of research, particularly evaluations of interventions.

Who should use PRISMA?

  • Authors: PRISMA aims to help authors improve the reporting of systematic reviews and meta-analyses.
  • Journal Peer reviewers and editors: PRISMA may also be useful for critical appraisal of published systematic reviews, although it is not a quality assessment instrument to gauge the quality of a systematic review.

Registry of Research Data Repositories (re3data) Open Access

re3data offers detailed information on more than 2,000 research data repositories. In this collection, data repositories from every domain and in every country can be browsed by subject, country, or content type, and searched by any combination of 41 different attributes.

Standard and Poor's NetAdvantage AU staff and students onlySome Full Text

Standard and Poor's NetAdvantage provides access to industry surveys, stock reports, data and valuations, investment research and credit ratings.
Note: As of June 20, remote access to Standard and Poor's Net Advantage is temporarily unavailable.  The company is working on fixing this.  If you need information from Standard and Poor's, please contact the Library Information Desk.  We will try to get the information that you need and send it to you.

Contact the Library Information Desk by calling 1-800-788-9041, ext. 6254 or e-mail:

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Statistical Profile of Canadian Communities Some Full Text

Containing information from the 2011Census of Population conducted by Statistics Canada, this resource presents a statistical profile for all Canadian communities (cities, towns, villages, Indian Reserves and Settlements, etc.,) for metropolitan areas and for health regions. Includes information on education, income and work, families and dwellings, births and deaths, general population information, and health information. A mapping feature is available for viewing the location of a community within Canada.

Statistics Canada Some Full Text

The Statistics Canada Web site contains a great deal of information, including: census data, Canadian statistics and tabular data on aspects of Canada's economy, land, people and government. This site also provides directory information and links to other Web sites.

Stratfor Worldview AU staff and students onlySome Full Text

Stratfor Worldview compiles excellent resources on many different subjects including criminal justice, political science, global studies, international relations, and business. The coverage is current in many topics and provides resources in both print and video.

Thompson Rivers University Open Data Portals and Repositories List Open Access

Thompson Rivers University's Open Data LibGuide contains links to a variety of key open data portals and repositories.

Trade Analyser AU staff and students onlySome Full Text

Search Trade Analyser for data on world trade as well as Canadian imports and exports. This database combines two Statistics Canada products: World Trade Analyser, the world's most comprehensive global trade flow database, and World Trade Atlas--Canada Edition (formerly known as Canada Trade Analyser). Updated annually, this database covers 190 countries/regions and over 600 different commodities. It is searchable by country, world region, year, and commodity.

UN Atlas of the Oceans Some Full Text

This Atlas is the result of collaboration between the United Nations and scientific institutions including the National Geographic Society, the Census of Marine Life and the Food and Agriculture Organization. The Atlas features information about the oceans including maps and statistics, research, climatology, ecology, and information about uses of the oceans. It also covers issues such as food security, climate change, governance and human health. There is a section in which information is categorized by geographical area.

United Nations Statistics Division

The United Nations Statistics Division provides a global centre for data on international trade, national accounts, energy, industry, environment, and demographic and social statistics gathered from national and international sources.

World Bank Open Knowledge Repository ebookSome Full Text Open Access

The World Bank Open Knowledge Repository (OKR) is The World Bank’s official open access repository for its research outputs and knowledge products. The OKR contains thousands of research works including World Bank Group Annual Reports and Independent Evaluation Studies, all World Development Reports (WDRs) plus recent WDR background papers, books published by the World Bank Group, journal articles, and more.

World Christian Database AU staff and students only

The World Christian Database (WCD) includes detailed information on all major world religions. Extensive religious and secular statistics are available on 9,000 Christian denominations, 238 countries and 13,000 ethnolinguistic peoples, as well as on 5,000 cities and 3,000 provinces. The WCD incorporates the core data from the World Christian Encyclopedia (WCE) and World Christian Trends (WCT).

World Higher Education Database AU staff and students onlySome Full Text

This resource is designed to assist you in finding information about higher education institutions globally. It also provides access to data about higher education systems.

World Religion Database AU staff and students only

The World Religion Database (WRD) contains detailed statistics on religious affiliation for every country of the world. It provides source material, including censuses and surveys, as well as best estimates for every religion to offer a definitive picture of international religious demography. It offers best estimates at multiple dates for each of the world's religions for the period 1900 to 2050.